towing a trailerTowing a Trailer – (Course Ref: TBEWTe4)

Towing and manoeuvring trailers on or off the highway requires practice and recognised techniques. The one day course would be particularly suitable for horsebox, caravan and boat owners as well as those who are required from time to time to tow trailers as part of their work activity.

Course Duration

This is a 1 day course.


Drivers who passed their car driving test (Category B) after January 1997 and wish to tow are entitled to do so up to a trailer weight of 750kgs Maximised Authorised Mass (MAM), this will allow a combined weight up to 4.25 tonnes (MAM) OR A trailer over 750kgs MAM provided the MAM of the trailer does not exceed the unladen weight of the towing vehicle, and the combination does not exceed 3.5 tonnes MAM.*

* Otherwise a category B+E licence is required!

Additional Information

The B+E test is taken at a vocational testing centre. This is the same test centre as the large goods and passenger vehicle test centre.
The nearest test centres to Trowbridge are Chiselden, Swindon & Ashton Gate, Bristol.
The test is booked through a central administration centre with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA)

As from the 1st of April 2006 vehicles must meet the new requirements set out by the DSA. For further information please visit their website.

Please note that it is candidates/company’s responsibility to check vehicle requirements prior to test.

It is beneficial for candidates to practice with their own vehicle and trailer (eg the vehicle that you will be taking your test in). However, a range of trailers are available for those who do not have access to them.

More Information

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Course Content

This one day programme does not include any driving on public roads and practice with your own vehicle under supervision is essential. However, we strongly advise that this activity is carried out by a DSA registered car driving instructor and we can recommend one of our partnering organisations who specialises in this.

Course Fees;

Please contact our office staff with any queries regarding our course costs.
Mileage costs may be applied to training taking place over 25 miles from our sites.